I have inherited a cosy little home. How can I let it out, fully furnished, to optimize my retirement income?


You've established an estate or you want to create one?

You're wondering about managing and/or transferring your estate. We can be there with you, step by step, as you ponder how to go about it. We can provide, for example:

  • An analysis of your financial situation with respect to your estate and how to implement our recommendations.
  • The calculation and optimisation of how you can bequeath your estate.
  • The calculation and ’optimisation of your retirement.
  • Analysis and maximisation of your income
  • Acquisition and financing of your personal or professional properties.

Thanks to these services, we can work with you to manage and/or assemble your professional and/or personal estate, while keeping in mind your needs and expectations. Multidisciplinary professionals, we can be by your side as you work with a wide range of specialists (bankers, solicitors, etc.).

In setting up an estate, real estate is still an excellent value for investing and maximising one's income, both today and tomorrow.