In response to changes in labour laws, can you update our employees’ contracts?


Since a company is first and foremost the women and men working on its behalf and since the human element is at the heart of what we do, allow us to advise you on the following:

  • Payroll management and human resources reporting (French DNS: nominative HR declaration – déclaration nominative sociale; DADS: annual HR data declaration – déclaration annuelle des données sociales; etc.); and time off from work.
  • Assistance with recruiting, managing hiring (employment contracts) and departures (remaining account balances, terminations).
  • Assistance with motivation (incentives) and finding financial support.
  • Auditing and the reorganisation of your human resources.
  • Retirement balance sheets and planning for the future.
  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate employee status (unsalaried or salaried employee, etc.).
  • Assistance with RSI (Welfare programmes for the self-employed – Régime social des indépendants), monitoring of social welfare funds.
  • Establishing compensation policy, strategy, and optimising revenue.