Our shareholders require a clear picture of our financial status. How should we go about it?


You can count on us for reliable, fully independent financial information

Whether your organisation has its accounts certified by an external auditor because it is required to do so by law, or whether you've chosen to do this on your own, the objective remains the same: to guarantee fully independent financial information. The external auditor also works with you in creating and carrying out your plans: you can request statements or advice with respect to a wide range of financial concerns.

  • External auditing (or legal auditing)
  • Increasing capital
  • Legal appraisal of contributions (Commissariat aux apports – France)
  • Mergers
  • Transformations from one form of company to another
  • Intermediary accounts
  • Tax audits
  • HR audits

We put to use all our expertise and offer audits on a contractual basis in order to help you organise your firm's HR, administrative, or financial operations... and we'll clearly explain what we think you should do. We'll also help you implement those recommendations.