With my digital tools, I have all my accounts at a single glance!”

XSENS, A Modern and Innovative Accounting Firm

A modern accounting firm, Xsens encourages its clients make full use of digital tools for an enhanced accounting experience. So long shoeboxes and overflowing filing cabinets: the days of digital accounting are here!


As a partner in your company's growth, Xsens has pre-selected tools that will simplify your daily business activities. Innovative and collaborative solutions with a wide range of functionalities.

A document exchange platform, for instance, allows you to store your files online with one simple click. Freed from the need for outside assistance, you can enter data at your own pace.

Your paperless information is centralised and can even be shared with Xsens, safely and securely. Would you like to monitor changes in your turnover or cash flow? You'll be able to overview all your accounting data in real time right from your computer or smartphone.

The tools we've selected are fully secure and comply with all current regulations on data protection. At Xsens, accountancy and efficiency go hand in hand!

MyCompanyFiles: A Collaborative and Agile Tool

Would you like to have access to all your company's performance documents and be able to share them with us in one click? Xsens empowers you to do this thanks to the MyCompanyFiles platform. This innovative, practical tool lets you host and organise all your data in one location. It's a platform for collaborative work as well, for it streamlines exchanges and eases the collection and transmission of your information.

What day-to-day advantages can you expect? [Exchange files of any format and size in a secure and controlled manner. No more bounced e-mails or messages that wind up in your recipient's spam folder.]

Whether you speak German or English, you'll find the software easy to use thanks to a multilingual interface.

From your computer or via the smartphone application, MyCompanyFiles guarantees you'll have reliable information on a secure platform at your fingertips. Document exchanges are performed confidentially and in full compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

MyCompanyFiles offers you total organisational freedom. It's the ideal tool to simplify all your business operations!

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Mon Expert en Gestion: A Comprehensive Management Solution?

Are you looking for a system to help you manage your company on a day-to-day basis? Xsens recommends the Mon Expert en Gestion software, a collaborative management platform that functions as an interface between your place of business and Xsens.

This digital solution lets you visualise and track in real time changes in your company's turnover, operating expenses, and cash flow. A complete management tool, it optimises your company's cash management: sales (estimates, invoices, follow-up), purchases (expenses, remittances, automated reconciliation), and payments (document recovery, VAT preparatory reports). It also allows you to systematise your employees' expense reports. It's a tool that will make managing day-to-day operations much easier.

The Mon Expert en Gestion application is available for computer (PC or Mac), tablet, and smartphone. The software package is available exclusively through chartered accountancy firms. Simple and easy to understand, you can use the Mon Expert en Gestion platform on your own.

This software offers the same advantages as the Cloud: an ability to work collaboratively with secure, up-to-the-minute data. Xsens recommends using the Mon Expert en Gestion tool in conjunction with our MyCompanyFiles software, for doing so will give you complete control in managing your business!

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